Ofsted has legal powers under section 132 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 that relate to inspecting providers of further education and skills for learners aged 16 and over. The new Education Inspection Framework: an update . Seven-hundred-and-sixty-six Ofsted reports to be precise. Ofsted has also said that the resumption of joint SEND inspections, where they conduct inspections of local authority SEND provision with support of the Care Quality Commission, will not happen in the autumn term. People in positions of power and influence are making important decisions off the back of what these inspections reveal or fail to reveal. Well, it’s been a whole term since Ofsted introduced their new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and I wanted to see how the new Framework is (as far as reporting goes anyway) working out for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Most local areas in this situation tend to clock up somewhere between 3 and 6 significant weaknesses, but some have many more – currently, Dudley (14 areas of significant weakness) and Birmingham (13) are squatting atop this grim pile. For example, Sutton got through its re-visit earlier this year despite being caught copying and pasting content across EHCPs, despite ongoing, chronic problems with its EHCP annual reviews, and despite evidence from local parents that some of Sutton’s EHC needs assessment practices were less than lawful. If the local area doesn’t have to submit a written statement of action, then its ride on the inspection carousel stops here. Looking specifically at mainstream secondary schools’ section 5 or 8 inspections, there have been remarkably few published – but … Amanda Spielman. Proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer. If a local area flunks its SEND inspection re-visit, the DfE have wide-ranging powers that they can exercise – if they want to. Matt Keer is the parent of two deaf children. If you have not received anything after an hour or so, it may mean you entered your email address incorrectly or do not have an account with us. “We, therefore, think it is right that we do not return to area SEND inspections in the autumn, but instead focus on other ways we can help and support local areas to strengthen the SEND system in future,” she added. They can run their own improvement programme. Four years ago, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission started inspecting local SEND services. We went through Tribunal, some of us broke briefly, but we mended ourselves and the boys finally – finally – now have a full shot at life. There’s no grading, like there is with Ofsted’s school or social care inspections. Ofsted is planning to develop a new area SEND inspection framework, in partnership with the Care Quality Commission, to enhance how inspections are carried out. They can issue the local area with a formal notice to improve its SEND services. Ofsted and CQC have training and quality control processes in place to correct for this. It won’t surprise you to learn that accountability was an afterthought when the SEND system was re-designed. The process is slow. Ofsted will carry out school visits from October to ascertain how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on education provisions for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Inspectors assess the local area’s strengths and weaknesses, and they then produce a written report (an ‘outcome letter’) on their findings. This omission has come to light in a new analysis of the first two months of inspection reports carried out by Ofsted under its new inspection framework. Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman, July 2019 speech. The most common significant weaknesses that inspectors are finding are in leadership, strategy, and accountability, followed by problems with EHCP process and quality. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has put inspections on hold until at least January 2021, it’s still important for early years settings to be aware of the changes and how they might affect their future inspection. Check the infographic for a snapshot, and take a look at our interactive graphic to see each local area has fared. They’re there to assess whether the reforms are being implemented well and are making a difference to children and young people with SEND - not to determine whether the law is being strictly applied. This includes special schools and mainstream schools with a SEND provision. Resumption of joint SEND inspections delayed. Ofsted has published an evaluation of the framework, which looks into how effective local areas are in both identifying the needs of young people with SEND, and of meeting those needs accordingly. Across these 60 local areas, inspectors have identified a total of 329 areas of significant weakness. Or they can do nothing. Here’s why. Nonetheless, within some of these inspections, it’s sometimes hard to tell why a particular area of weakness is deemed significant in one area, and yet not in another local area. This is what he learned. There’s no practical way to carry them out, there’s no practical way to drive improvements through whilst the virus is still on the rampage – and it’s hard to see how inspectors can properly assess how well local areas are implementing the SEND reforms when the substance of those reforms has been gutted through the SEND easements. But if the local area is ordered to submit a WSOA, this is roughly how it works…. Learn how your comment data is processed. Marking a significant shift from the outgoing framework, the EIF has, at its heart, a renewed focus on the quality of a school’s curriculum with a view to putting “a single conversation about But despite all this, the local area SEND inspections are the best tool for improvement that this system offers. Future inspections will also put more of an emphasis on the “quality, integration and commissioning of education, health and care services” for those with SEND. So far, the most common unresolved issues have been joint working and EHCP quality. Sometimes, inspectors are bafflingly relaxed about breaches of statutory duty. In the vast majority of settings, Ofsted will gather evidence electronically using a range of devices, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Well, it’s been a whole term since Ofsted introduced their new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and I wanted to see how the new Framework is (as far as reporting goes anyway) working out for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Discussion opportunities and questions to prompt thinking on the future for post 16. Inspectors have also identified significant weaknesses in specific service areas: problems with ASD pathways are the most common issues here. The primary school is the first in Suffolk to achieve an outstanding Ofsted under new guidelines which came into practise in September 2019. SEND; Employers; Latest News. Ofsted unveils plans for new area SEND inspection framework, Level 3 Teaching Assistant required at a Primary School- Oldham, Year 3 Teaching Assistant required at a Primary School - Oldham. Ofsted's new education inspection framework applies to maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools, further … We know from our own research that almost two-in-five secondary schools have cut time for PE since 2012. Ofsted is planning to develop a new area SEND inspection framework, in partnership with the Care Quality Commission, to enhance how inspections are carried out. ... (SEND) or high needs, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life . English / Literacy or EYFS) which Ofsted will choose and inform you of prior to the inspection. Matt Keer is the parent of two deaf children. Schools are more willing to encourage children to take part in drama and music as a result of Ofsted's new inspection regime, chief inspector Amanda Spielman has said. So if only 9 out of 21 local areas got a clean bill of health on their re-visit, what about the rest? Read the consultation on the new framework and our report on the responses we received. 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