Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Baitcaster reel is a great musky … "These lines also shed water, which is important, especially in cold or even freezing weather. Designed for effortless handling, castability, abrasion-resistance, sensitivity, and wind knot-resistance. Also, specially designed musky reels enable you to catch a musky with ease. The smaller the line diameter, the greater the likelihood of burying coils in the spool. https://www.lakeontariooutdoors.com/musky-rod-and-reel-setup I elected to go with the 10 weight “PIKE” rod for a few reasons. Anyway, I had some concerns about whether that reel would hold up, was primarily throwing ounce to ounce and a half buck tails. These rods use industry leading 30 and 24 ton Toray graphite and an industrial strength aramid coating which gives the rod a unique SHIELD over the blank. Dyneema, called "the World's Strongest fiber," was developed by DSM, which designed the gel-spinning process used to make numerous Pure Fishing and Sufix braids. Current setup is 7’6″MHF St. Croix Triumph with Shimano Cardiff 400. “I like the flexibility of fluorocarbon leaders for some topwater and bucktail fishing,” said Andersen. 3. I let him use one of my extra rods and reels so he could see if he could do it on his kayak. Cortland Master Braid: Comprised of premium Spectra fibers woven into a tight, round braid for reduced twist, longer casts, and extended life. A high PIC count also can reduce water absorption. Fly reels with a die-cast design probably aren't the best choice. "Add a mono backing so the line sticks or else tape the line to the spool if it's a small-diameter reel with only 70 or 80 yards of line. This rod will handle big and heavy rigs along with crushing hits without breaking which makes it an ideal rod for musky fishing. A top water, spinners, swim baits, jigs & creature baits. Here it is! Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Bait Cast Reel. the shimano compre is a nice rod with a lifetime warranty. Vice versa, with an extra fast rod the initial bend is a lot smaller. I use 80- or 100-pound for casting, or 65 for small minnowbaits or single-blade bucktails." Carrier strand count can also be a good indicator of how round and supple a line is. These fly rods are built specifically for these fish This means that most of my fishing is done in rivers rather than lakes or ponds. a 8' 6" - 9' rod is good for a multi purpose rod. “All of my rods for casting are anywhere from 8-to-8.5 feet in length. The downside is quality. You don’t need a high-end drag or an ultra-wide arbor. I elected to go with the 10 weight “PIKE” rod for a few reasons. You’ll be able to work the lure more effectively and catch more fish.”. He found a good used rod. Its High Tenacity Spectra 4-End yields lighter and softer construction for long casts. Instead they need tackle that gets the job done at a reasonable cost. I think I have just the opposite setup, lighter, and need to add a heavier option. Benefits include additional reel capacity, improved casting, minimal stretch, increased sensitivity, and decreased line visibility under water. You need to assure that all equipment used should be the proper ones. process to resist abrasion, UV damage, and water absorption. Spectra HT can found be in PowerPro's new Maxcuatro (awarded Best New Line at ICAST 2015) and FINS 40G braided lines. We've got lures up the wazoo and now we need a decent setup to start throwing them. Come see our 30 lines of muskie rods. You can use other reels for muskie fishing and in fact, other reels can be more effective in muskie fishing as some are specially designed for muskies. We realize our equipment needs some serious upgrades. steel leaders for walking-the-dog techniques or jerkbaits.”, “I’ll use 130-pound fluorocarbon for leaders when I’m fishing bucktails and crankbaits,” said Gallagher. Got a class 6 reel. It is buoyant and enhanced with garlic and salt. The standard used to be that 30- or 40-pound test was plenty with mono and Dacron. A rod and reel for about $200 make it affordable for anyone. It would do the job, but I felt that it would flex too much when I was jerking a bait. And I like round lines. Spiderwire Stealth Braid: The newest Spiderwire is 30 percent stronger, features Color-Lock coating technology, Fluoropolymer-treated microfibers to shoot through guides, and Dyneema PE microfiber construction for roundness, strength, and smoothness. Wisconsin-based muskie expert Pete Maina has many notches in his big-fish belt and remembers the pre-­superline days: "I fished Dacron and heavy mono for years. Redington makes two rods specifically designed for Esox Fishing: The “PIKE” Rod, which is a 10 weight. It has the same number of Spectra fibers but you get the advantage of stealth. You are inviting disaster if you go with a traditional spinning rod setup for muskies. Abu Garcia C3 Musky Reel – Best Musky Reel with a Carbon Matrix drag system. I purchased this with musky fishing specifically in mind, but with the expectation to target pike with it as well. It can make your fishing adventure quite aggravating and tiresome. “I like the 8.5-foot Fenwick Techna rod in heavy action. cast your hands don’t get wet. Fly Fishing for Bass is most enjoyable when anglers have the right fly rod for the job. a little balance to the discussion, we’ve included two seasoned guides and tournament anglers, Jeff Andersen and This article will try to set some general guidelines for line, rod and reel selection for each of lure types. A dichotomy exists between companies that use Dyneema and those favoring Spectra fibers, both brand names for ultra-high-­molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) gel that's spun into materials with ultra-high yield strengths. To complement the muskie reels there are new types of rods specially designed for muskies. You will also find various types of rod for different muskie lures. “It’s a power game when I’m casting for muskies most of the time. My glider rod is 8”3 XH but with 20” of handle. "Extra distance can be important on big water. Long 14-hour days of Available in low-vis green, 10- to 80-pound test, berkley-fishing.com. But it lasts longer so it's worth it." I acquired a decent musky rod, for a reel I decided to go with a Calcutta 250, which I acquired in the late 90's. Posts: 5: I am just getting into muskie fishing and I am wondering what kind of rod/reel to get. I was skeptical but I tightened the reel seat as tight as possible. These new reel seats give you unparalleled cranking advantage and control over your rod while fighting a pike, musky, snook all the way up to a shark or monster Florida alligator! Make sure they are in good working order before you hand over cash. Specifications like PIC count (Per Inch Crosses) can be significant. I am looking for a reel in particular but if you have a rod also i could be interested. Tuf-Line 4orce: This new four-carrier braid has four fiber bundles for abrasion-resistance and strength. The giant lure, giant reel, giant musky boat revolution of the last ten years appears to have made that rod irrelevant. Baitcasting rods and reels are the number 1 choice among musky fishermen Choosing a high quality reel and a durable rod is of the upmost importance. Plus, it’s light enough for a drop shot techniques, but has enough beef to throw weightless fluke’s or senko’s in and around thicker cover. Small diameter and round shape mean superior knot strength, castability, and reduced rod guide noise. But with so many options to choose from, picking the right line can be difficult. To be precise, barbless hooks are extremely optimum for muskie fishing, as they may be easily taken out of the target’s mouth. I've also been trying Spiderwire Stealth, which has a fluoro coating for extra abrasion-resistance, on casting rods. Maybe there are some salt water spinning setups that work, but muskies are just different. ratio,” said Andersen. "I do a lot of muskie fishing with bass gear because some applications require thinner lines and leaders to get the right action out of lures. It’s the best musky reel on earth. MUSKY SHOP SHIELD SERIES RODS: The Musky Shop SHIELD Series of Rods encompass the perfect balance of strength and durability without adding weight. The stainless steel gear comes with CRC protection. It's created from the same process and licensed from DSM. Click here to sign up and never miss another issue. Using a traditional reel for catching a musky is an exercise in vain. Shimano Tranx – Best Musky Reel 2020. Our selection of Bass fishing rods will satisfy anglers targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pike, Musky, or Panfish. I purchased this with musky fishing specifically in mind, but with the expectation to target pike with it as well. Tying them is fun, but there’s a lot more to it than “hair, feather, flash,” and it takes practice. Here are my list of top 9 cheap musky reels Under $100 and $200 that definitely help you find the right one for your money. “All of my rods for casting are anywhere from 8-to-8.5 feet in length. The rod and reel choices you make are clearly subjective. Whenever you ask any muskie angler what rod and reel combinations they must have to be a competent and all-around One-PC Blank PRO Rods: VI-PRO-9-MH-C-FG – Rod length is 9′ 1pc w/Full Grip – Lure weight rated: 1-4oz – Line weight rated: 30-60lb – Power: MH or Medium Heavy My next step was to a pete maina rod/reel setup (baitcaster - 6'6" rod and 5.2:1 reel). Get a true musky rod and reel. The best musky rod and reel combo needs to be able to withstand the size and power of these monsters. Preferably keeping it around 100$ for the rod and 100$ for the reel (I know that’s cheap for musky gear). Better braids mean more pleasant and efficient hours of fishing, more fish boated, and fewer sad songs. The In-Fisherman staff reveals some of the hottest action of the winter season, as they show how to ice 20-pound channel catfish. I agree with what was said above, Get a Muskie set up and probably at least 2 for bass. This is the third Abu Garcia model on this list. works great for landing big muskies.”, Both Andersen and Gallagher use 80-pound braided line on many of their combos. John Stone of northern Illinois' Mr. Musky Guide Service fished Maxcuatro almost exclusively this past year and describes it as "smoother, rounder, tougher, and a bit slicker than original PowerPro. If you are tossing heavier lures, like the Bull Dawg, you will need to setup a heavier rod with line that has a tensile strength of 80 pound spectra or 40 pound braided micron. People will ask for recommendations and be overwhelmed. Gallagher’s rod and reel choice are similar to Andersen’s. Aron Kastern on Lake Superior near Ashland, Wisconsin where they go after whitefish on ice. The difference in the lures dictates different rod, reel and line selections in order to accommodate the different demands upon lure presentations. Most of the anglers think about spinning reels considering the bait size for muskie fishing. It's treated with proprietary FiberTech protection that penetrates the weave and bonds with individual Spectra fibers to stiffen and improve handling characteristics. Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel. Sufix Metered Performance Braid: It consists of five colors in 25-foot segments for precise depth control. All In-Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. He had a blast with it and went out to buy his own setup. Coming in at #1 on our list of the best musky reel for the … I was thinking mojo musky rod, 8’ or 8’6” heavy (2-8 ounceS). ... A high strength graphite blank is the foundation of the rod. www.tomboley.com Plus its smaller diameter matches smaller diameter reels and allows longer casts. He has an education from Gustavus Adolphus College (Biology/Business) and Bemidji State University (Education). “I’ll switch to an 8-foot heavy power and fast action rod to fish jerkbaits,” said Andersen. I really liked this setup, but never felt that the rod was stiff enough. Dacron was a good alternative. grinding with a high-speed reel can be exhausting. One company that lists PIC count is Sufix. “174-pound solid steel leaders with no swivel for glide baits and jerkbait fishing are great, too.”. That is my best all-around rod and reel.”. Musky Rod and Reel Setup October 1, 2019 by admin Musky are easily the largest predatory fish that the majority of freshwater fishermen will seek out ​on a regular basis. Gallagher’s rod and reel choice are similar to Andersen’s. Wet hands are miserable anytime, but more so when it’s cold out. According to former muskie guide and Lindner's Angling Edge TV host Jeremy Smith, Sufix lines offer great strength, powerful hook-sets, superior abrasion resistance, and long life. “It may surprise some anglers, but I prefer to use the Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast with the lower 4.9:1 gear This type of nominal rod setup will support most medium sized crankbaits and jerkbaits. I generally use 100 lb … The casual musky angler does not want to spend $400 or more on one set-up. If the fish bit close to the boat it was okay, but out on a cast there was too much stretch. If you're looking for a rod/reel setup for Musky, chances are you're fishing more than three or four times per year. Thicker line gives you a little insurance against fraying and its extra diameter helps reel performance. His favorite is Berkley Trilene Braid, an eight-carrier braid introduced in 2013. The best musky rod and reel combo needs to be able to withstand the size and power of these monsters. The Good, the Bad and Best Musky Rod and Reel ( Oct 2018 ) – Buyers Guide & Reviews. Doug Stange joins Capt. Legendary rod maker G. Loomis introduces new IMX-Pro Ice Rods, and they're sweet! Some braids are coated with materials like DuPont's Teflon or fluorocarbon, which can increase strength, abrasion-resistance, color retention, and castability. Catfish are simple creatures that can be caught using the best catfish rigs. Jer's Livebait Setup There's been many different interpretations on the "livebait rig" over the years – quick But PIC count isn't always listed; you have to dig. We deliver the motivation to hit the water, the energy to maintain focus and the excitement that injects every cast with high expectations. The Hobie MirageDrive 360 pedal propulsion system is the pinnacle of kayak control with more efficient fin designs, glide technology and allows the boat to be moved in any direction. allows me to reel up the slack and catch up to the fish to get a solid hookset.”. Available in moss green, 10- to 100-pound, test, getvicious.com. Muskies eat boatside. I am defiantly going to buy a low-profile reel but I have a few questions first. Available in green and yellow, 10- to 80-pound test. In the old days I preached re-tying several times a day because there was a lot of abrasion and lines weakened. Rocket because muskies will often push the bait forward when they’re eating rubber baits. This is especially true with bucktails, some cranks, and most When you have a lot of line out trolling, there's give in the system so a no-stretch braid makes sense. Hunting big fish pushes gear to the extremes of performance and the last thing an angler wants is to lose a giant due to line failure. Other features of mojo rods are the tip tops made of Zirconium inserts, cork-split grip handles, and DPS reel seats made by Fuji. Andersen specifically uses the ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Hydrophobic, it slices through water with minimal drag. i have one for musky and one for walleye. I got three Thorne bros custom rods made this year. While 80-pound-test Spectra 375 has six carrier strands, Spectra 375 HT has four carrier strands, which reduces diameter 30 percent. must. The most innovative, technological fishing rod building, rod blanks, and rod components. I am looking for my first muskie rod and reel setup. Gallagher was a guide on the tough Chain of Lakes in Illinois and a former VP of The rod was a St. Croix premier circa 2007, but it was a 6'2" extra heavy power. Their original 832 has 32 weaves or PICs, within eight carrier strands — seven Dyneema fibers and one of GORE. How to tell a good braid from an inferior one? These days, we have more high-quality options than ever before. Toros in various models on all of my casting rods.”. use a specific retrieve with a twitching and cadence to achieve the side-to-side motion, the shorter rod is a You can follow Jeff on Instagram: “I pair that reel with a 9-foot Fenwick Techna Extra Extra Heavy rod. I troll for salmon and trout on Lake O occasionally and am familiar with the basics. It flows smoothly, it's strong, and doesn't stretch. Quality musky and northern pike rods made by the Tackle Industries company. This is our all-time favorite muskie rod for tight wrist action snaps using either minnow baits or traditional jerkbaits. I was skeptical but I tightened the reel seat as tight as possible. The efficiency of the trolling rods and reels rely on the right way of setting them up. Wanted: Looking for a musky setup Windsor Region 09/10/2020. The effectiveness of swimbaits and other soft plastics for muskies isn't new. Spiderwire Dura-4 because it’s a harder line and doesn’t absorb as much water.​. I had 50lb braid on this reel with a 50lb flouro leader. Most of us have boxes full of B-team flies that don’t swim just right or are threadbare after being chomped by hammer-handle pike. The rod and reel choices you make are clearly subjective. Subscriber Services. “When I’m fishing a big rubber bait, I’ll switch out reels but use the same Fenwick rod. Some companies are taking it a step further, combining ultra-high-strength Dyneema or Spectra with other technologies, such as Sufix 832 with Dyneema fibers and a GORE performance fiber for additional abrasion-resistance. It’s more forgiving than the extra heavy action. Shimano Tekota 600 Rod Holder Down East s10 in the larger size Thanks for watching! Finding the best musky reel on budget. Muskie fishing isn't typically target casting like bass fishing. Spectra is a Honeywell fiber used in lines like PowerPro, Cortland Master Braid, and Hi-Seas Grand Slam Braid. So, to bring a little balance to the discussion, we’ve included two seasoned guides and tournament anglers, Jeff Andersen and Rich Gallagher, to give their viewpoints on must have rods and reels to be a well-rounded muskie hunter. Available in green, 10- to 80-pound test, p-line.com. Available in moss green, hi-vis yellow, and new translucent, 6- to 250-pound test, spiderwire.com. Not that you should never tie your own musky flies, but stack the deck in your favor and spend some time fis… Being new to the sport, I recently purchased a rod, (Mojo-Musky 7-2" MH) and a bunch of lures (bucktails, cowgirls, bulldawgs, jerkbaits, all the main jazz) but I do not yet have a reel. Higher PIC counts improve flexibility, while a lower PIC count can increase stiffness. Available in green and yellow, 6- to 80-pound test, tuf-line.com. There are five types of rod actions to choose from: 1. extra fast 2. fast 3. moderate fast 4. moderate 5. slow With slow action, your rod will bend quite a lot when your hooking to a pike. The efficiency of the trolling rods and reels rely on the right way of setting them up. Moreover, traditional reels can not withstand the sheer force of a musky. And as a whole, new lines are tougher, stronger, and thinner. The slow action rod will need a lot bigger pull (and therefo… The Teramar XX rods incorporate Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X and Hi-Power X technologies to enhance power transmission through the rod blank for increased casting distance and lifting power as well as reduced blank twist during tough battles. You need to assure that all equipment used should be the proper ones. When choosing your musky rod and reel you will most likely first need to consider do you want a spinning setup or a baitcaster one? The best rods are those that are made of light components and can be adjusted with reels easily. He adds, "the ingredients of a line offer positives and negatives depending on the situation. The lower cost tackle will not perform as well. angler, the answers will invariably differ. If you are planing on fishing in a water that is known to have large muskie present within it then you better make sure that you musky setup is up to the task. So I should say, you can use a spinning reel for musky fishing. Cheap Musky Reels. Reels in 300 or 400 sizes -tranx - lexa wn -revo toro beast those are the main ones im looking for Favourite. A rod and reel … Honeywell also claims twice the abrasion-resistance of other ultra-high-strength fiber products, less internal friction for longer life, and reduced fray. This trial and error period can waste lots of hours and expensive materials. Setting up your trolling rods and reels for musky trolling is the most crucial step, and any form of mistake in the setup can lead to inefficiency and possible failure. The “MUSKY” Rod which is a 11 weight. “The Spiderwire is an excellent line to use. Welcome back to another video thank you guys so much for taking time out of your day to watch my content! "Don't go too light," he says. The other big factor for me is abrasion-resistance when trolling — purposely banging rocks. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. I use 80-pound on 90 percent of my casting reels. Its compact texture reduces wind knots and rod tip wraps. It took me a couple trips to feel comfortable with using a baitcaster, but I caught on quickly and never looked back. Dive/rise I use a longer rod @jeff.andersen.fishing. You can look at it this way: With the extra fast rod, the power to hook and land the pike will much much faster than with the slow rod. Tuf-Line Domin8: Tuf-Line's new eight-carrier braid has eight fiber bundles for superior handling and an ultra-smooth finish. It has virtually no stretch for sensitivity and quick hook-sets. It is worth it. P-Line XTCB-8 Braid: It has eight fiber strands so is extremely tight and compact, with ultra-smooth finish, small diameter, and round shape. It has enhanced abrasion-resistance and knot strength. Especially when it’s cold. So I am going to return the dobyns and get an actual musky rod. |   The two-piece rods can land a musky without problems if set-up correctly. I use it for my trolling rods, too. It's performed well for casting around rocks and anywhere you find zebra mussels. What the heck is a rod loading? Pete Maina warns that although they're strong, braids testing less than 65 pounds are thin and can break with a slight nick. "I like how smoothly it rolls out on long casts," he says. The lower cost tackle will have the power and other elements needed for musky. It is violent and it is sudden. Baitcasting rods and reels are the number 1 choice among musky fishermen Posts: 84: Earlier this year I was looking for a multi species ( catfish, carp,striper,musky )big fish spinning setup and looked for weeks.I never had a baitcasting setup at that point. I stick with the size 60Abu Garcia Revo First, however, we need to discuss rod loading. I take out on my kayak usually 4-5 rods & reels for bass and Pikerel. The rods and reels exceed their budget. 8 Best Catfish Rigs - When, Where and How to Use Them, Saskatchewan: The Place In Canada for Trophy Pike, Walleye Fish Cakes with Blue Cheese Aioli Recipe, Lowrance Announces New Elite FS Fishfinder Series, Fishing Gear: StrikeMaster Lithium 24v Auger, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power, The True Story of the Bass Boat Hero Who Broke the Internet. $420.00 Musky lures Ottawa 08/10/2020. It uses DuPont's Teflon Surface Protector for abrasion-resistance, knot strength, and reduced friction. Drill more holes with the StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Auger, Give a Gift   My dad and I caught our first two muskies last year on some bass rods, some heavy mono line, and some #4 Mepps. Available in green, red, and yellow, 10- to 80-pound test, afwhiseas.com. I stick with the size 60Abu Garcia Revo Toros in various models on all of my casting rods.” Both Gallagher and Andersen use line counter reels for trolling and rods … ", Smith favors a lighter approach. Serve these walleye fish cakes with homemade blue cheese aioli or blue cheese salad dressing. I called Shimano and basically they said , "I dare you to tear up that reel on a musky." Just watch for visual signs of fraying.". Zero-Impact is available in both hi-vis yellow/black and aqua green/black, 20- to 100-pound test, powerpro.com. Here are my list of top 9 cheap musky reels Under $100 and $200 that definitely help you find the right one for your money. And even if you do fish more than a handful of times, you're not guaranteed to catch a Musky. ", Green Bay Guide Bret Alexander also is a proponent of 80-pound, but he prefers Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Braid, a round Dyneema-based eight-carrier braid. While northern pike abound throughout Canada, there's something remarkable about Saskatchewan. With less stretch than mono you could get a good hook-set. I can toss up to 1oz lures. The Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel is a … Choosing Musky Rods. Trilene Braid: This eight-carrier, high PIC count, Dyneema radial braid is round, smooth, and strong. Jeff Andersen from Leisure Outdoor Adventures shares some info on the importance of having the correct rod and reel combos when fishing muskies. ... Just get a suitable rod and line. I mostly wade, rather than fish from a boat. If you've got a giant on and it runs, the line can break.". The throwback reel is a cult favorite among seasoned bait casters. Exclusive Y6 braiding provides a tight weave that's round and handles easily. Exceptionally high strength-to-diameter ratio and low stretch for fast hook-sets. I have a ton of salmon trolling gear and a big net and hook cutters, Big needle nose pliers, lots of lures between bulldogs, bucktails, etc. I came across (catch the fever) " big cat fever" rods and once i saw some videos of them strapping one to a forklift and deadlifting a guy that weighs 140lbs I bought one. other techniques. Gallagher I had been warned that the 806 reel,seat doesn’t hold the lexa very well and the reel can become unseated while casting. The benefits of both Dyneema and Spectra are strength-to-weight ratios as much as 8 to 15 times higher than steel and reduced diameter, the reason these materials are also used in body armor, ballistics, and medical devices. "Add a mono backing so the line sticks or else tape the line to the spool if it's a small-diameter reel with only 70 or 80 yards of line. On larger reels, run 30- or 40-pound mono backing that allows 60 or 70 yards of braid for casting.

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