To think, at one point Harry was a tiny little git that looked like he should be on his death bed, he was that skinny. English - Staff: 4 - Followers: 252 - Since: 09-18-04 - Founder: Facade1 . Here is a community where quality Harry Potter fanfiction supports the Harry and Hermione relationship. Everything was a mess. “Advance now and attack! Harry never thought he’d ever see Dudley looking thoughtful, but the expression on his cousin’s face looked somewhat related to wisdom. They were supposed to be able to trust him, but trust hadn’t gotten her anywhere. “It may tie you more to Potter than any of us can fully understand.”, “He’s right, Ginny.” That was Percy, taking a single step closer to her and reaching out. Instead Daphne smiled at harry and blushed lightly which did not go unnoticed by her mother. From the flames, a brotherhood thought dead will reemerge, a family will break, trust will be destroyed, an enemy will change their path, a father will finally be found, a love will bring hope, and a hero shall rise from the ashes to become the legend he was born to be. He heard a grunt and screams from the others outside. So Harry runs away! "Don't come any closer, my parents are dead" Harry growled pointing his wand at James. Parents: James Charlus Potter & Lily Rose Potter nee Evans. Finally Me by Aj. None of them met her eyes, not even her mother. Harry was the true boy-who-lived, who beat Voldemort. The Potters were normal, just parents of twin sons, Harry and Hunter. “I do.” Daphne heaved a great sigh and Harry rolled his eyes. So what are the plans for today, love?” She said in her smooth and tender voice. Harry runs away from his sad life and meets Allyssa Rose, a kind hearted lady who raises him like a son. "Yeah, and I'm Daphne's mother," Harry retorted, causing Daphne to crack a grin. "Yeah, and I'm Daphne's mother," Harry retorted, causing Daphne to crack a grin. The list will divide the FANFICS depending on the years that they take place in the Harry Potter timeline (First year, second year, third year, fourth year, fifth year, sixth year, seventh year or future) Hope you find something new here All of these FANFICS are … Her parents were pureblood supremacists and he was a half-blood. Now she was really concerned. I feel that we might have company here soon after what I did to the Clan and their follower they brought along with them. They’ll kill us.”. Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. This show of affection made Draco smile because he knew a happy Harry was a ‘good’ Harry. Finding a mutually beneficial arrangement, the two embark on a fake relationship - Harry seeking to win back Ginny while Daphne looks to … “It’s supposed to be romantic. Hot New # 1. Colin Evan Potter and Harry James Potter. Harry is ignored by his whole family as Colin is spoiled rotten. Principal Harold Greene was sent 7 books on Harriet Potter's life in Hogwarts. Girls were mad, the whole lot of them. Harry ran after to see if she was okay but was met nose first with a slamming of the bathroom door. No one else gets a say.” Her voice rose as she spoke, gaining both strength and volume. That is not a bond to be taken lightly. She hated that everyone knew of her relationship with Harry, even when there was no relationship to speak of. He didn’t have the answers. As Harry’s body grew in strength, so did his mind and his magic. Harry had just enough time to throw up a shield to protect himself from the debris that came towards him. I don’t need any of you choosing my path for me anymore.” She glared around the room, meeting the eyes of each of her family members who dared look at her. “Next time.”, “So what if Harry saved my life?” Ginny asked. Feed. Harry and Daphne had come strolling in hand in hand, giggling and smiling about something that they had said before they had walked in. Ginny felt something push into her mind saying, ‘It will be the end of you, my love’ in Harry’s voice and it sent chills down her spine. So Harry runs away! “Er-”. He waited while they acquired their bags. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. He couldn’t just switch on the romance. "Oh, there's my parents." Grandparents: Paternal: Dorea Potter nee Black & Charlus Potter. She was worried that she may have started to push him away after what she just said. Harry shook his head. Evelyn Potter was the girl-who-lived, or so they thought. Harry is ignored by his whole family as Colin is spoiled rotten. “Don’t,” she said, cringing away from his outstretched hand. What if Dumbledor claimed that Harry's twin was the boy who lived. Harry Potter and the Forgotten Legacy by Bane. Will they be able to find acceptance of this who are most important in their lives? They walked calmly through the barrier at Platform 9 3/4, glancing at the passing Muggles on the other side. The Forgotten Child Fanfiction. There are so many acronyms! Harry was gone, the Ministry was hunting him, her own bloody family was hunting him. “You Know Who was in your soul, devouring your life force.” Ginny flinched at the memory. “I’m going to Astoria’s room. “On my count.” Though Kingsley didn’t speak aloud, Ginny could almost feel the numbers in her head. She was very suspicious of their actions and was getting a very bad feeling about it. What if Harry made sure they had hell to pay after that. “Life debts are serious magic, not to be trifled with.”. So, by the time he accessed the vault, he had 9,617,750 Galleons. Unbeknownst to Harry, Daphne had watched the whole confrontation between him and his parents. Harry gave a quick nod in thanks to Draco. His father died, but Voldemort was vanquished by a scar on Harry’s head, as a killing curse rebounded off of Harry and his mother due to his father’s love for them. Quality, mostly novel-length stories with original plots and well-developed characters. He didn’t think he’d ever been hit by a woman before. "Come on Harry, it's us, your parents" James said calmly, he slowly got up and made a step toward Harry. Series. "A pleasure to meet you too Mr Potter" said Daphne smiling. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Not whatever happens to be convenient.” With another dark look, she pushed past him toward the hallway. She’d mentioned marriage before and when she brought it up this time, it felt like the perfect time to propose. More importantly, he could sense her. 6-So close! 83 Badass harry. “Quickly.” He sent Aunt Petunia and Dudley through first, as Muggles they were in the most danger. “I guess I have improved and we need to think about starting packing after what happened yesterday. Everyone kept talking around her, like she wasn’t there. Forum. Ever since Christmas Eve, Daphne had been sharing a room with her secret hero, Harry James Potter. When Harry finally made it to the bed, he sat down next to her and held her hand and looked into her eyes with his emerald greens. However he never seemed to notice her. “Well, you have gotten much better at that, now haven’t you? Without warning, Daphne got off of the bed and ran to the bathroom. I was a weird one—I came into Harry Potter fanfiction later in my life. Without warning, Harry pushed her through the cabinet and slammed the door shut. He was ready to end this once and for all. *By opting in, you agree to receive emails containing some promotional content. Draco sat beside Astoria, his hand on her knee, and his Aunt Petunia was watching him from the corner looking apprehensive. Ginny took a deep breath. AU!world OOC!chars. One; Brother: “Alright, Ginny?” Ron asked. Our two options are to stay and fight or run.”, “Run again?” That was Aunt Petunia. And portmanteaus! Flowers, chocolates, champagne. “I will marry you, Harry James Potter… I love you very much.”. “SECTUMSEMPRA!” A white silver light shot out of the end of his wand. • A story of The Boy Who Lived. Because of this, I OBVIOUSLY don't make any money from it. This could have serious ramifications for our mission.”. sorrow rushed into his soul as he watched the cabinet turn to splinters. They walked calmly through the barrier at Platform 9 3/4, glancing at the passing Muggles on the other side. This is basically all of my favorite tropes condensed. The Clan had crossed the line time and time again, starting with attacking him at his parents’ grave.

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