Ratio: 18:1 Bachelor’s in Data Science. Ratio: 13:1 This means students who complete a specific series of three courses will automatically be awarded the SAS Data Analytics Joint Certificate. Data science courses include: Both full and part-time degree plans are available. Graduation Rate: 56% Auburn boasts a 100% job placement rate for their business analytics program graduates. The top online business analytics bachelor’s degree at Bellevue University helps students harness Big Data to make sound business decisions for their organization. Most Data Science and Big Data courses are offered as B.Sc. Courses are taught by gifted professors in small learning environments. Students can customize their program by participating in the honors program, utilizing career coaching, joining living and learning communities, or going overseas for a study abroad opportunity. Bachelor Degree in Data Science – Guide to Choosing a Great Program. Ratio: 28:1 Graduates are seen as analytics experts, adding value to a variety of organizations. Website We created this list of the best data science online bachelor’s degree programs by reviewing College Navigator to find schools offering this innovative new major. Graduation Rate: 73% Students complete the 120 credit hour accounting major and 30 credit hours in data analytics and information system courses. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) It usually takes 3 years to graduate in most countries and 4 years if you study in the United States. Course highlights include: This top data science program meets the needs of students who want to take the Certified Public Accountant exam right after graduation. Many classes are offered in a hybrid or online format. Graduation Rate: 77% Graduates serve in a variety of roles including: Ratio: 20:1 Become a skilled and effective decision-making influencer across a wide range of industries, being confident and capable to translate information into clear and meaningful insights. Core units include data science concepts, data capture technologies, data structures and algorithms, artificial and computational intelligence, and data mining and machine learning. Ratio: 13:1 Data scientists make sense of chaos by helping leaders determine what measurements to collect to help drive their next steps. Data scientists have the knowledge and training to organize and analyze huge amounts of data that otherwise would go unstudied or underutilized. Offered as an emphasis within the business administrator major, this data science program is one of the first in the country to focus on Big Data. The Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree is designed to provide undergraduate students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to become a data scientist. Website Bachelor of Data Science. Graduation Rate: 29% With a median base salary of $107,801 and high job satisfaction, the job of a data scientist remains a top choice. Graduation Rate: 77% With a bachelor degree in Data Science you have direct access to the MSc in Data Science. Ratio: 19:1 Average Net Price: $13,120/year Students can save money by using electronic textbooks provided for all. (Bachelor of Science) degrees. Ratio: 9:1 Average Net Price: $9,635/year A variety of learning formats are available including GuidedPath, a structured format with a set schedule and deadlines. Average Net Price: $39,071/year Student/Faculty ratio: Where there are ties, schools are ranked according to the average net price per College Navigator. Ratio: 11:1 Points: 6 Points: 11 Data science is een nieuwe technische discipline en de drijvende kracht achter de toekomstige innovaties. Graduation Rate: 89% This ACBSP accredited program prepares students for exciting roles as: Website Courses include: Students can participate in the Data Science Association for additional professional development and networking opportunities. The online Master of Science in Data Science from the University of Denver Ritchie School makes a career in data science attainable for students of all academic backgrounds. Average Net Price: $29,601/year Courses include: All students complete a capstone experience that includes either an independent study, an additional data science course, or an internship. Website Points: 5 Courses include: Students stay engaged with peers and faculty through project-driven courses that provide exposure to the latest data science software like: School Profile Our top choice for a bachelor’s in data science is offered by Brigham Young University. We then developed a ranking system to determine the top 20 schools offering a data science bachelor’s degree.

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