The market price for the FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair is $2,895.00. Any info You can give Me would be much Appreciated because I have been thinking about purchasing this chair for backyard cookouts in hilly grass gravel roads and plowed snow in Winter? FOLD & GO MagSHOCK® Wheelchair (Slate) $ 3,895.00 $ 2,895.00. Patent Pending. informations. Starting at only $1,299.00. -NO FLAT Solid Rubber All-Terrain Front Caster Wheel. In contrast to the many similar-looking knock-off models which have flooded the market, the EZ-GO is a lightweight folding power chair of suburb quality and reliability. WeatherPROOF Magnesium - MagSHOCK®. Page 3 MODEL COMPONENTS Please take a moment to make sure you have all of the following parts with your FOLD-N-GO … All Rights Reserved. 8 new Fold And Go Wheelchair Coupon Code results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 12, a new Fold And Go Wheelchair Coupon Code result is figured out. The Fold-N-Go Wheelchair Vs The Air Hawk Wheelchair. Airline approved. Magensium Frame, Hill Climb up to 25 degrees, FAA/TSA Fly Ready. In fact, the wheelchair covers four seasons of driving condition, what's more? I have taken the chair outside to “go for a walk” with my wife and it works well, even on uneven walkways. No wires or bolts to fool with. The lightest electric Powered Folding Mobility Wheelchair at only 32 lbs with battery that can be used as a standard or a motorized wheelchair! Hi, My name is Alan Duboyce and I am a 58 year old t-3 paraplegic and have used a manual ultra-light the 36 years I have been a wheeler since a car accident in 1984 at age 22. Just move the joystick in the direction you want to go. Wheels help people to go around the world, regardless of what kind of wheels you are on. Introducing our Newest WeatherPROOF Electric Wheelchair...MagSHOCK™. It's social mobility. Built for All Driving Conditions. This footrest can easily be added to our MagSHOCK® & … Choose the right product and add it to the shopping cart. The new Vitaglide is suitable for wheelchair users with injuries C5 and below. Easy to apply promo codes: A few steps help you save a lot. 2021 Model Hawk Mobility Folding Ultra Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair, Silla de Ruedas Electrica, Air Travel, Heavy Duty, Mobility Motorized, Portable Power Chair (Silver, 17.5" Seat Width) $1,699.00 Thanks to the new feature of Google Maps that allows you to check easily if the place is accessible. Starting at $2,195, this wheelchair is durable and customizable. The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair has a batteries inclusive net weight of 50 LBS, a weight capacity of 400 LBS, a dynamic drive 360-degree precision control joystick, 5-Speed joystick cruise control of 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH and a maximum driving speed of 4 MPH. They'll have all 12 colors of the MagSHOCK for people to … – Comes with different colors so that you can get your favorite color. Though I am too weak to load the chair into our van, it is no problem for my wife. The ONLY Weatherproof Travel Folding Electric Wheelchair, Weighs Only 46 LBS, folds up to fit in a car, TSA approved to take on the Airplane. WeatherPROOF Magnesium - MagSHOCK®. -Industry Leading Hill Climbing Range: Up to a 25° Slope. 16K likes. Since then, Firefly has been one of the best wheelchair brands in the mobility market, there are few upgrades over the years, and now, there is a better upgrade called... Tech giant, Apple has put together a new and dedicated support team to offer help to people with disabilities. The wheelchair has waterproof rear motor wheels, waterproof dynamic drive 360 precision control joystick, waterproof electromagnetic brakes, and 2 lithium-ion batteries. We did it AGAIN!! Scroll down for details. The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair has a batteries inclusive net weight of 50 LBS, a weight capacity of 400 LBS, a dynamic drive 360-degree precision control joystick, 5-Speed joystick cruise control of 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH and a maximum driving speed of 4 MPH. The unit comes with extra storage and a bag under the seat gives you room to carry anything you want to take with you. Some of the advantages of the Fold-N-Go wheelchair are: – Easily foldable design that makes it easy to fold, is easy to transport and takes less space for storage. The first Firefly wheelchair model was designed by Rio Mobility about 14 years ago. And in the case of the best electric wheelchairs that fold, they need to be light enough to lift from pavement to car trunk, and vice versa. FOLD & GO Folding Footrest | FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS® NEW ACCESSORY LAUNCH - FOLD & GO Folding Footrest Our customers have asked us to make a footrest that can fold up and out of the way. The Eagle Power Wheelchair Is Uniquely In A Class Of Its Own. Fold & Go Electric Wheelchairs® Response 04/23/2019 We PROUDLY help our customers and ourselves (we are in wheelchairs too) when it comes to dealing with doctors, nurses, and their staff. With a Magnesium Frame, Weighs only 50 LBS. The new Vitaglide is fitted with a touchscreen atta... © 2021 Rolling Without Limits. It's foldable, It's waterproof, it has a great shock absorber. In this guide, we look at the best electric wheelchair in a number of different categories, including the top power electric wheelchair for seniors, and the most popular motorized wheelchair for travel. There are TWO WAYS to enter for our FREE MagSHOCK Maroon Giveaway: 1. The Air Hawk Lightweight Power Wheelchair is only 41 Pounds & Folds Up and is now the worlds lighest Portable Power Wheelchair. The joystick moves you forwards, backwards, and to either side. On Friday, June 5th, we will randomly select one person to receive our WeatherPROOF MagSHOCK Maroon. It is a wheelchair many wheelchair users will love. | All Rights Reserved Content is Copyrighted and Trademarked. Creation date: 12th-Apr-2015 We are GIVING AWAY a Maroon colored MagSHOCK WeatherPROOF Wheelchair on Friday, June 5, 2020. You can search AnyCodes in google or just go directly to our site for more offers. So, it is as advertised, easy to fold and to load into the vehicle. Now on Sale. SPC flooring contains no Formaldehyde so I don’t think the smell posts health risk. Hi Nettie! May 7, 2018. reply. Hope to hear back from You Soon. I just have not heard from any wheelchair users with spinal cord injury paraplegic or quad and would like to know when You post on this chair is it from Your own experience with this chair or have You talked to others with SCI that have used or own this chair? Speed is controlled both by the speed range you select and by how far you push the joystick. ©2020 FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS® | A Division of OneKubedDESIGNS®, LLC. The wheelchair can fit through bathroom doors easily because it has an overall width of 24 inches. I am getting older and want to save My shoulders and get places My manual can not go here where I live in Rural New Hampshire. There are TWO WAYS to enter for our FREE MagSHOCK Maroon Giveaway: 1. 2. Really! See more ideas about electric wheelchair, weatherproofing, heavy duty. IP: WeatherPROOF Magnesium - MagSHOCK® FOLD & GO Headrest (Adjustable) Pros of FOLD-N-GO Power Wheelchair. But they can ship them directly to you overnight. ((function () { var load = function () {var script = "";var x = document.createElement('script');x.src = script; x.async = true;var sx = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];sx.parentNode.insertBefore(x, sx);}; if (document.readyState === "complete") load();else if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener('load', load, false);else if (window.attachEvent) { window.attachEvent("onload", load); }})())Acquire. As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 50% on average by using our coupons for shopping at Fold And Go Wheelchair Coupon Code . The FOLD & GO 4-Season WeatherPROOF System is designed in a way that user can ride their wheelchair during rain, in mud, puddle or any weather. The Eagle Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair has a 19" Seat, Holds Up To 400LBS, Only Weighs 50LBS Without Battery and Folds Up In Seconds! Condition is "Used". Thank You, Alan Duboyce, Best Affordable Transfer Benches For Wheelchair Users in 2020, Google Maps Adds Latest Feature For Wheelchair Accessibility, Apple Creates New Dedicated Support Service For People With Disabilities, Gamers With Disabilities Gets Solution To VR Gaming Barriers Through WalkinVR’s Solution, LimbPower Adaptive Fitness Fun For Young Amputees, Ignite 2.0 an Inclusive Online Event Where People With And Without Disabilities Had Showcased Their Talents, Podium: Connecting Freelancers With Disabilities With Jobs, 2020 Election: People With Disabilities and Voting Options (I), India’s Only Wheelchair Music Band, Flowing Karma's First Live Concert Was a Great Success, Innovations On Making The Road Safer For Everyone. There are many colors available from FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair so that you can select your color. Fold & Go posted on their Facebook page today that they'll be at the Abilities Expo this weekend in Dallas, TX. WeatherPROOF MagSHOCK® | FOLD & GO Wheelchairs® WeatherPROOF Electric Wheelchairs, Weight Capacity up to 380 lbs. Click to LIKE our FOLD & GO FB Page 2. Click to start Following us on Instagram. We organized our electric wheelchairs around Folding/Portable Motorized Wheelchairs for travel, Outdoor Power Chairs, and Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs our most popular Electric wheelchair is our Featherweight 33 lbs. I did some quick research and could not find a HCPCS code on this item which would tell me it is coded for insurance (especially Medicare). daniel Have you seen this new spc stuff that has a real wood veneer? The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair comes with a 3-Year Warranty, ASAP video service call, wall outlet charger, battery only charging cable, seat belt, nylon double zipper storage bag under the seat and a 7-in-1 Tool. Host name: This chair is lightweight and portable, and it fits in the trunk of ANY sized automobile. Just slide in to lock in place. On Friday, November 20th, we will randomly select one person to receive our WeatherPROOF MagSHOCK Maroon. The Jazzy Air is a new era in power mobility. FOLD & GO Wheelchairs. The Air Hawk Folding Portable Electric Lightweight Power Wheelchair. – Great battery life which ensures that you get more charge. This is a powerful wheelchair with the top … PORTABLE, TRAVEL FRIENDLY, WATERPROOF. – I haven’t personally driven a Fold and Go Power Wheelchair, but I know there was a lot of interest in this product once it hit the market. From its base material to all the nuts and bolts, this chair has been designed for reliability in a variety of circumstances, including options for high weight capacities and supersize 12” tires. The best foldable wheelchair out there is the FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair, the wheelchair is waterproof. Fold and Go MagShock wheelchairs have two batteies that are built into the frame and they are only sold by them. The wheelchair has a hill-climbing range of up to 25° Slope, it has a solid rubber all-terrain rear tires and all-terrain front caster wheel. The design of this unit is updated and modern. Click to start Following us on Instagram. Transfer Benches are four-legged and long structures products created to help users to exit or enter the bathtub ledge with ease. You can buy it in various sizes, but all fold up to fit in virtually any car or SUV. 1. 988 talking about this. The Eagle Has Landed - Now You Can Take Off! It offers a great cardiovascular workout while simultaneously strengthening the arms, shoulders, back, chest and core. With a 5-hours rapid global battery charger, waterproof battery life of 1,000 charges and joystick quick release connection, the wheelchair is a great foldable travel wheelchair that can be transported in an airplane or cruise ship worldwide. 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