The tail is the most posterior or caudal terminal appendage of the vertebral column on a dog. Tail Wagging in Dogs Doesn't Always Mean Happiness Contact Us. This is Swimmers tail.. My dog got this after swimming for about 3 hours yesterday. She's eating, will see today if she's able to go to the bathroom. The tail shape is normally thicker at the base and held straight up always. He is a very energetic happy pitbull. I took him to my vet and they say that his blodwork is good except for his intestional work up and put him on a … Read more about it here. Q: Why does my dog look sad? The tail either hangs down from the tail base or is held out horizontally for several inches from the tail base then turns … The base of the tail is one of the "sweet spots" that feels especially wonderful to your dog when you scratch it. One of the most known reasons a dog needs its tail is to communicate, both with other dogs and their owners. Kinked tails generally are harmless. However, these dogs (whom Mahaney calls “fierce wagggers”) can have problems if they get their tail too close to furniture, walls, or other objects that could harm their tail. “Because the tail typically has very little extra skin, once the skin is broken into an open wound it can be very hard to get it to heal.”. Often, this position is used to send a message to other dogs. As such, the diagnosis of limber tail syndrome is generally a diagnosis of exclusion. Of course, there are other steps you could take first. Additionally, when a dog is experiencing a tail issue, it’s generally very noticeable. He has stopped eating. And while the number of curly-tailed breeds is limited, the dogs that fall into this distinction are pretty eclectic. A condition called vaginitis, which has several causes such as bacterial infection, anatomical anomalies, and cancer can also be the cause. Thanks for your question. But do dogs really smile? He is an auusie blue heeler mix. Whenever possible, therapy should involve treating the primary issue, whether it was a car accident or spinal cord compression, Jones says. Dog breeds that are overrepresented with this condition can include: This syndrome is caused by pain and swelling at the base of the tail, either due to overwork or stress injuries. Where Is the Tail Located? The simplest way of relieving the pain and discomfort is often a warm compress periodically applied to the base of the tail, which helps to stimulate blood flow to the area. Treating nerve damage may also include anti-inflammatory medications, pain relief, physical therapy, surgery and more. Why Do Dogs Lose Hair at the Base of Their Tail? Along with developing an understanding of tail position, anyone who interacts with dogs will benefit from acquiring a better understanding of wagging position. Large, burly work dogs like the Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute share this unique trait. A dominant dog that carries his tail high will release much more scent than a dog that holds his tail lower. Some dogs are born with short, rudimentary tails. Pacing can be in a circle or in a straight line. This will include checking the dog’s respiration, heart rate, and temperature, as well as getting a full history of the dog, both a medical history and an account of the patient’s recent activities. “If you suspect that your dog or cat has a tail problem, you should immediately address it with your veterinarian,” Mahaney says. Some common reasons why dogs lose hair on their tails and, more importantly, what to do about it. Mea… Do a test with your dog by throwing a toy or bone, and he will chase it. Heat rash may be minor at first but can soon become an oozing red rash with pimples, boils, scabs, and/or an odor. Some dogs also show this stiffness of the tail or body, trembling, furrowed brow, whale eye, squinting, dilated pupils or pulling the corners of the lips back. A: Sometimes, those sad puppy eyes are just a trait of a specific breed, like the case with Basset hounds, Boxers or Pugs. Dogs use their tails as an important form of communication with all other species, and if a problem is present, such as an infection or fracture, it should be fairly easy to identify. Limber tail syndrome is another name for acute caudal myopathy, a temporary condition where the dog is unable to lift its tail and it hangs down limply. Some tail problems are easy to spot, especially if blood’s involved. It can be hard to tell if a dog has a fractured or dislocated tail, but Mahaney says tails with these issues usually have a weird angle to them. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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