So suck it Skyrim, Just killed their asses, it felt oh so refreshing. They specialise in meddling with matters they barely understand. And it first started off way towards when I first met her and the comment she made along the lines of “I have the Horn or Jurgen Windcaller, does that make me Dragonborn too?” Now I know the point of it was the last trial to prove I was Dragonborn, but anyone with enough skill and ability could probably retrieve the Horn. From which you’ve read so far…I think the question Paarthurnax or Blades? it is possible to complete this quest without killing Paarthurnax by using the console command. Paarthunax was merciful to humanity, betrayed his kin to save the weaker. Nice one, I wasn’t aware that this option exists. Thats the epitome of righteousness if you do no return the favor, how can you have justice? Fortunately there are console commands for that if you really want the shouts. They accompany you to Sky Haven Temple, The Blade’s old base, when they learn that the leader of the Greybeards is Paarthurnax, one of Alduin’s Chief Leitenants and Alduin’s Brother. I prefer to keep alive a dragon who helped me through my quest line instead of 2 A@@holes who used me for the entire quest line. Sorry for my English, was using it last time around 20 years ago . Delphine has been a major annoyance for me since the moment she’d barged in on my questline. Blades are assholes, but Greybeards are useless. I really want to do the Blades questline in Skyrim BUT they want me to kill a certain someone and I don't think that's necessary. noth for being stupid. Esbern and Delphine will no longer offer you any aid, and you won't be able to start additional Blades faction quests. Kill Esbern, steal his soul and beat Delphine with it! So I don’t see how it’s an obvious choice. So, between the Blades and Paarthurnax, Paarthurnax gets far more points for helpfulness than the Blades. -Next, get all the possible perks I can from Delphine and Esbern Skyrim: Not believing in you and forcing you to kill a dragon in Kynesgrove to prove that you’re Dragonborn. Most of the Blades "benefits" you can get before they order you to kill Paarthurnax. Stop being a douche and pick a side . own agenda. Delphine and Esbern have discovered that Paarthurnax is the Master of the Greybeards and an ancient enemy of the Blades. The Paarthurnax quest has always, for me, been a loose end. During the events of Skyrim they help you understand about the Dragons and return of Alduin. @dragonslayer22 Only problem is I’m playing on the PS3 so I won’t be able to open console and make the Blades killable :/ So I’ll just have to ignore them, @Ellie its so fucking stupid that you cant kill them but you can kill paarthurnax. To kill such an old living thing is inexcusable. Okay. Although, I don’t agree with this “hate” towards The Blades. I am now traveling to slaughter these self-righteous clowns. Page 1 of 5 - About Paarthurnax, the Blades and the Dragonborn - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: Obviously there are SPOILERS ahead:What do you think about them ? The Fallen: Capture and interrogate an ally of Alduin. Esbern gave me the Quest to kill our little dragon buddy. And, it is quite easy to see why he wants his own brother overthrown, and why he helped you defeat Alduin, because at the fight at the throat of the world, if you wear dragonplate or dragonscale armour, Alduin will say “The Dovah are weak!” meaning Alduin might of hated his own kind. I think Paarthurnax deserves a second chance. Esbern could read Alduin’s wall, but he still had no clue of wtf was going on, he just tells you about a shout, this is where Paarthurnax comes in. that’s mean that Paarthurnax is an enemy for Alduin ,, also when you were in a chalange with Alduin . He was open to us and confessed that keeping him alive would mean a life long of temptations. Who did you side with ?The story behind Paarthurnax reminds me Anakin Skywalker at the end of Star Wars Episode VI. Buncha hypocrites they are. Wait, wait, wait… As far as I can remember, the first time I finished Skyrim, I didn’t have to kill Paarthurnax. When Arngeir learns that the Blades are trying to blackmail the Dragonborn into killing Paarthurnax, his response is: Arngeir: Now you see why I warned you against them! He is not a difficult battle, just simply bring him to the ground (via Dragonrend) and attack normally and he should be … Having found some books about the blades i realized that the Blades just want dragons gone, doesn’t matter who the dragon is or how he lived his life, all must be gone. 5. You could sell the blades on paarthunaax’s death if your speech craft is high enough. Don't kill him and have the greybeards keep trusting you. They see him as responsible for many of their ancestor’s deaths and demand you to kill him. Paarthurnax deserves to die. I don’t think Paarthurnax is that stupid to even consider about dominating the world. [. Making followers that hang out at the temple give me the dragon locations from esberns diary or something. I just wish I knew BEFORE I made Lydia a Blade. As far as i’m concerned? I guess im going to just have to ignore the quest. If you have not brought three people to the Blades already, Delphine’s recruitment quest will remain uncompleted. It was his opinion that the way of the voice was tyranny. setstage mqpaarthurnax 100 Now, the Blades is dragon-slayers, isn’t it? Acquired the perk I should have gotten via console. the blades are fucking sith! At first, this site is about role playing games, of course it won’t matter outside the game. FWBs? Emrys aren’t you a littelbit hypocritical with your answer to Zomby? I noticed some error since i talk to esbern, i can’t hear his conversation but i see some related subtitles like other quests. The good he did with helping out the ‘firsts to use the voice’ outweighs the bad. The Blades see dragons merely as a threat to be vanquished, while the Greybeards see them as powerful, near-divine beings, capable of both profound good and cataclysmic evil. I found esbern in ratway warrens in riften city and then i told him to open the door. That quest was designed under some twisted philosophy right from the beginning : vengeance IS NOT justice, as blind faith IS NOT an “agent” of an evolving intelligence and reasoning (thus in opposition to human nature), on the contrary. Aww, that sucks … no customization for you :-/. (Intimidate)” First of all I’m a huge fan of Dragons and so I sought to conspired against my own. If all dragons are good, do human need dragon-slayers? The hunger for power lies within all dragons, and he is tempted to just go for it, but his thousand year long mediation and the way of the voice helps him overcome this tempation. bind the College, the Companions and the Graybeards to it. On PC it is possible to complete this quest without killing Paarthurnax by using the console command setstage MQPaarthurnax 100. You can still take the "Dragonbane" Katana from the Temple. 1. I still have an house in Whiterun, joining up with the companions and doing that quest line will get you a bed and storage. I've never completed the main quest, My sister told me about this... oh and I haven't gotten the elder scroll yet so … Esbern declares that Paarthurnax is the old enemy of the Blades, which means that he needs to be destroyed no matter what. There should have been four options when Delphine, and Esbern, confronted you with this (It happened to me right after defeating Alduin). It's possible to at the very least delay* being told to kill Paarthurnax by just not getting within forced-greeting range of Delphine/Esbern at the Council - make sure you get out of your seat and walk away as soon as the meeting is finished, or at least stay away from Delphine. the blades are a..holes and thats what the game has been screaming from the begining. @Zomby There are many hungers it is better to deny than to feed. When Delphine said something like : “Delphine: Make your chocie Dragonborn. It’s a win-win situation. Thanks. What gives?? and you faster go to the greybeards to give you the way to paarthurnax . It’s very hard to come by wisdom and kindness in any universe, even our own. Dragons are only tools for Thalmor, the same is with Stormcloaks. Paarthurnax said no such thing. In our guide, you will learn when you can unlock this quest and how to defeat Paarthurnax (the boss fight with the dragon).. New main objective: Kill Paarthurnax After I gave Alduin a beating I returned to Cloud Haven Tempel to kill them. <3, Hey, there is a mod nowon the Nexus that allows to talk them out of it or kill them or just lie. yah, i guess unless the dragonborn gets into an argument with us, then he’s on his own, @ZeaT The animosity between the Blades and the Greybeards now makes sense. They are your kind! You can probably target paarthrunax and type resurrect to ress him, but I suppose the greybeards will still hate you for it and you give in to these self righteous blade scum! !Spoiler Alert!!!) I am glad she is gone and I have two Iron Daggers named Esbern and Delphine that I stuck on the weapon rack in Sky Haven Temple. They refuse to cooperate any further with you before have completed this Task. After all, repentance is something you deny to Paarthurnax by meting out you so-called justice. I am not trying to please both factions, I am taking my stand and that is for sure at the side of Paarthurnax! When you consider that Paarthurnax killed many oof your ancestors and when you have killed alduin, paarthurnax starts boasting about how he’ll have them follow him and his way of the voice (sounds like he just needed alduin out of the way) …then Od aah Viin tells you that He will follow you as he dont beleive in the TYRANNY of Paarthurnax’s way of the voice ….seems to me that Paarthurnax only helped defeat Alduin because the bastard wants to take his place …I say kill the lying Dov …. i came to the point where i need to choose between paarthurnax and the blades. The goal of Blades is to restore their glory, and Paarthurnax is the main obstacle. Paarthurnax: Deal with a potential threat. and at the same time I can’t kill Delphine or Esbern … I I killed them . If you'd rather not download mods just open console and do this: setstage MQPaarthurnax 100. All living things make mistakes, guided to those mistakes, and so on. setessential 0013358 0 : this will set Esbern killable, setessential 0013478 0 : this will set Delphine killable. When Esbern first told me that option I flailed at my computer screen going, “WTF I AM NOT KILLING THE ONE DOV I CAN HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU A$$WHIPE!”. I know it’s a sondbox and we all want to play the way we want, however the one thing more important than choice for the player is staying true to the lore. Thanks. They may have went through the same hardships as the early Nords of Skyrim. I just hope that sometime in the near future Bethesda releases a DLC for it. Not because it has so much effect, which is doesn’t, but for the fact that I am supposed to kill an Ally someone who supported and helped so much. Onikaan no ov dovah. For me personally, I usually find that leaving someone or some people alive to wallow in their misery is the ultimate punishment. And what Odahving said about Paarthurnax’s way of the voice being a tyranny is nothing more than an opinion, with no evidence to support it. And it’s impossible to kill the blades if youre on Ps3 or Xbox, It would have been simple for Beth to add the choice to convince Delphine and Esbern that Paarth is a “good” dragon and ally, via some more dialogs. I was the one doing all the work to keep their meddling butts safe. Dragonborn: Is it true what they said? Actually, I think Odahviing (I think I spelled that correctly) thought of the way of the voice as tyranny because he was a little like Alduin in his thinking. are they just friends, co-workers, or is it one of those she’s-with-him-because-he’s-rich situations? What pisses me off is that The Blades would let their bullshit interfere with saving the world. The akavari come from dragon land to the east of tamirel and they cut through killing the regenade dragons from their own land so buy killing Parthanaxx you are helping the blades to for fill their mission started in the first era. I’m sure everyone has already made their choice by now, but in bethesdas defnce there is a reason the choice did not go two ways. I support him, he has helped us, without him we’d not have ever killed Alduin and he has suffered/learnt/evolved all these years … It might become necessary to take him down at some time, but then it would be my decision and not The Blades one. They’ re just as much to blame for the Oblivion Crisis as the Mythic Dawn. You can go there if you do not kill Paarthurnax, The Blades just won’t talk to you. “We were made to dominate … The will to power is in our blood. It’is a pity that the story designers used a dualistic world view: Stormclocks – Imperium, In the long run its the right choice. and he has been hurt . @Sam So complex …. I was told to choose, and I did; I did not choose the Blades, and the quest was left forever unfinished without the ability to truly choose for Paarthurnax to live. Paarthurnax : Makes the Greybeards teach you a shout, and to be more respectull and approving of your actions. He was evil once, but that changed. Would you simply be a tool in the hands of the Blades, to be used for their own purposes? Start a rebellion against Alduin ( IF it wasn’t for this first rebellion, the world would have been eaten, and the Akaviri with it, the Blades wouldn’t even exist, so in a way, Paarthunax saved not only the Blades, but also their Akaviri ancestors) Fight Alduin with you once again and after Alduin’s defeat, he teaches his servants the Way of the Voice, which would eventually make them good. if you hate them enough lead them to the throat of the world then FUS RO DAH, its worth the time if you hate them enough, the blades suck ass and arent worth restoring(doing the quest all you get is crappy followers to hunt dragons with, thats dumb you can kill a dragon with an iron dagger you don’t need help heck you can do it naked with your fist your the biggest mofo in skyrim I’m gonna enjoy killing those meddlers. I spared him. From there on, the only down side is you won’t get your reward for recovering the Dragonstone, however the dragon will never appear at the watch tower. There are many dragonborn around, you are only one of them, so dragons trying the same as Alduin in the future would be really unwise of him, and Paarthurnax is not that dumb, damn those two idiot blades…Besides, I think Delphine and Esbern are only thinking about one thing, restoring the blades, nothing else matters. Dragons, by birth and genetics, strive to rule man and kill so it’s genocide vs genocide. That as the only dragon born present, the player is the only one who CAN save the world. Haha, nice to read that I am not the only one feeling this way! I really hope that Bethesda doesn’t make it canon of his death in the next TES game… My allegiance is with Paarthurnax more than anyone else in the game. You’re either with us or against us.”. Activate or add the Fire Breath Shout to your favourites. i got pissed and shouted delphine off the cliff though since i cant kill her without xbox. He helped you and became a good dragon, so let him die as one. Would you trust a serial killer even if he saved a life? Have you learned nothing from us? and one more point please …. Kill Paarthurnax and have the blades trust you. On this page of the guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we present the walkthrough for the quest Paarthurnax.This is an optional quest, which is closely related to the main storyline. They have always sought to turn the Dragonborn from the path of wisdom. Way to go Bethesda. I think Bethesda should have given a few more moral/ethical decisions to make. Dreh ni nahkip. He’s obviously a bad guy. Blades armor is heavy armor, so recruits who do not favor that skill will be at a disadvantage. I can be trusted. It is always wise to mistrust a dovah. Arngeir also has some things to say about the Blades and their desire to kill Paarthurnax: Dragonborn: I need to learn the shout used to defeat Alduin. ALL DRAGONS ARE TO BE SLAIN ! I am not sure which little brat you mean, but you can find all npc-ids here. Obviously there should be an alternative option saying that you’ve already killed him if you did for whatever reason. LMAO… I thought I was the only one who thought this about these BladeJerks. Yes I misspelled his name, imposting on my phone and the spell checker is on crack. and besides, using commands i can get what items i want so its not like i’ll miss anything. If you haven’t finished Skyrim, yet don’t read on. Then i made a sheild with General Tullius’s soul. like the nazi Stormcloaks, not to mention the totalitarian Imperials. They deserve it. For one the Blades serve the Dov, not the other way around. Besides would you kill your martial art master who teached everything he knew just because he was an ex-convict? Whereas Paarthurnax pretty much gives you useful information every single time you see him. I agree with everyone that they need to die. A very logical choce… Me. Zin krif horvut se suleyk.”, what if it turns out Paarthurnax is the Dragon the legends and prophecies are referring to as the world ender, and it wasnt Alduin? Bethesda should have included the option to kill the Blades. I was not going to go out of my way to kill her but now that she’s made the ultimatum about Paarthurnax which pissed me off to no end – and there’s no option to tell her to shove her ‘help’ – killing her is the only way to go. >:C. Quick question, Will killing Paarthurnax or keeping him alive effect the Dragonborn DLC? I can’t kill the Blades (as much as i would like to. Wait for construction kit, should be VERY soon, and mod it so there are more options. The reassured Arngier that I wasn’t going to kill Paarthurnax after talking to him. The thing is that with this quest, Bethesda is calling for our views about justice as a whole, however it imposes its own views. They WILL live in peace or they will be replaced. Surrender to the first Whiterun guard you see, pay the 40 gold fine and finish out your mission to inform the Jarl. I just ran across this line from Delphine “the Blades are sworn to protect the dragonborn, the greatest dragonslayer of all”…. I……. true, but you must consider the fact that the blades persue complete and total genocide, a act utterly wrong no matter how you look at it. I read a comment where someone said “I want to steal their soul and enchant an item with it!”, yeah that sounds like something. This decision in morality is up to the player; however, the fact that Paarthurnax used to wreak havoc in Skyrim gives the player a good reason to kill him. or spawn another parthurnax with the code since the original is dead? Search for Paarthurnax at What really pisses me off is the fact that I did all the work clearing out Sky Haven Temple (yah, I guess it was originally theirs, like thousands of years ago) then they have the gall to tell me to get out since I refused to kill the dragon. When it comes time to talk to Esbern however, he will not finish this quest or start the Dragon Hunting quest until Paarthurnax is slain. The choice between killing Paathunax and letting him live was something I think we should concider ourselves lucky to have gotten. If not for the fact that I loved the Blades in Oblivion, I would not have killed Paarthurnax. I hope you will return to us soon with the news that justice has finally been done. (aka Morrowind) Incoming war between Thalmor (elves) and Empire (humanity) is most important thing in Skyrim and your choices are most important for future of Tamriel. Now, that story can reach the simple ending I always meant it to. wasn’t Paarthurnax attacking him with you ?? A chance to properly play our characters alignment. And as Paarthurnax said, is it better to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? How do we do that? -“You take orders from me. At least SHE remains loyal to me. They told me to kill Paarthurnax (basically for no reason) and I refused to. No, because his past is tied with his future, even if good deeds were accomplished. I am quite certain that The Blades have their own load of black chapters in their history. (whom do you choose?) Their reckless arrogance knows no bounds. Hope she had a good flight and a not so good landing! Paarthunax is alive and well, I’m still in good term with the Greybeards and the Blades are convinced the job is done and are talking to me again. Is there a way to continue the blades quest without killing Paarthurnax? Thnx for telling me how to kill the blades. All others have, with the help of the greybeards, arranged a peace treaty between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. At least the Blades evolve like they did in the past. I saw Delphine on a cliff outside High Hrothgar after the peace treaty..& the i used ‘Unrelenting Force’ and pushed her off the cliff…!!! But now I see that you were referring to xbox … since there is no console for it you’d need a mod I suppose. One day you are going to need a dragon and then what? The only thing they ever did to help me was lead me to Alduin’s wall, and teach the Call Odahviing shout to me, and that was all Esbern’s help. There should be a dialogue to ask Delphine this: “You want me to kill Paarthurnax? They send you on missions to kill dragons. dislikes also the Blades and their genocideose agenda, Let’s see what the blades have done…in Skyrim and in other games and places: @pseudoname Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. (if you disagree that claiming to “rule the others with his Thuum and making any who resisted hear it regardless.” is evidence he gave in you are disollusional.” Keep in mind that dragons are an ancient enemy of all other races and will always seek to enslave everyone weeker, it is writen right into the loading screen. You realy don’t have a choice. F*** the blades. And used console commands to finish the potion bit. They are rude, barely helpful, and will refuse to help the player if Paarthurnax dies even though the world, the entire bloody world depends on the player’s success. He was old and grey but he wasn’t scary.” And just as Paarthurnax himself said “What is better – to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”. I’d click the s**t out of that persuade option. And then I tried for a good thirty minutes to get out of the stupid quest but there was only the option of killing Paarthurnax. Do you really want your badass character to mope around and practice shouting forever? He is a very faithful dragon unlike the blades who decided to refuse to talk with me for no reason. without any help ????? But understand – during the days of Alduin’s rule, all dragons were his allies. At the end of the summit you are approached by Esbern and Delphine who tell you that the Dragon Paarthurnax needs to die for his past crimes or they will no longer cooperate with you. Your post is easy to understand and your english probably better than mine Thanks for the helpful info. It's kinda Skyrim's thing to have a faction with at least kinda justifiable motivations for their actions but with the worst person possible as their leader. Then i made Daedric armor, Daedric helmet, Daedric gauntlets, and Daedric boots, with the souls of Arngeir, Borri, Einiarth, and Wulfgar. But she mocks the Greybeards, who force themselves to live forever in silence and who are among the most powerful mortals in Tamriel whereas the order of the Blades isn't anything anymore but an ancient shade and this idiot), they learn you Words of Power, they led you to Paarthurnax, who led you to the Scroll, who led you to Dragonrend, who led you to Alduin. In empire all races are living together. And there is two of them. Hi! So ok ..Paarthurnax stayed behind, betrayed his brother, helped us kill him, tries his best to overcome his hunger for power, taught Dragonborn the ways of the voice (kept the power alive) and now he deserves to die? — (Persuade) After all he has done to help us, he deserves a second chance. I turned against the Blades, but they later on understood their mistake and told me I did the right thing letting the dragon live. Thank you for this console command. . In news by MyrddinNovember 29, 2011142 Comments. If I don’t do the quest then how would I beat the game? Those who lead him to that choice should, so long as they have stayed the way they were back then. 2. After finishing the main quest the blades have served their purpose and are completely useless, yes you can recruit new blade members and they can aid you in fighting dragons in the fixed dragon lair locations, but when you already defeated the main boss you are bloody powerful for most dragons and you can single handily beat them. I hate Delphine especially because of the reason she easily gets hostile for any small bounty I get in Whiterun., the very first time esbern asked me to kill paarthurnax we were in the courtyard out back so i fus ro dah’d that old c#nt off the cliff, i think they know where i stand on the subject lol. He helped Alduin enslave our ancestors. Since you are also using the console commands to kill the ones who are in contradiction with theirs And “guard and serve the Dragonborn” my ass. ALL those that refuse to kill Paarthurnax are weak and should perish MUAAAAHAHAHHA ! Now I’m looking at mods to finish the story I have created in my head. So i wanted to kill them So, this is my solution (PC version only). oh, and what’s the deal with delphine and esbern? Then again, his motives for helping them were never made clear. The only solution for me is to kill Delphine and Esbern to ensure that this Dragon stays alive, THAT should be an option. The Blades want everyone to think they’re awesome again. You feel it in yourself, do you not? You feel it in yourself, do you not? The Blades are stubborn in their belief that all dragons must be killed. Guys, I have the best solution 4 all PC players Heh heh. -Finally I would enact my companions as the new Blades faction who I know will not only reverse the arrogance and hypocrisy that has fallen upon the Blades, but also return the faction to their former glory. The blades are arrogant fools. If the dragonborn then says that Paarthurnax deserves to die, then Arngeir makes another point: Arngeir: The same could be said for any of us, could it not? I am all for replaying a game, and try things, but even thn there are things I would not do . or looking at it another way Sure, i’m a dragon hunter, but Paarth is no Dragon, he is a brother. @Leo 4. I did not see any crimes from paarthurnax in my life in skyrim , he just helped me ,, he seems to be good with me and never lead me bad way . and honour the Blades whom you serve. Thalmor, as you can read from the books, are mostly killing all humans in conquered territory, or at best enslaving them. For that, they give direct order to kill him. And then 2 old, weak and dying Blades, who YOU have helped A LOT, tell you to kill an extremely helpfull Paarthurnax or to GTFO Sky Haven temple, and that they won’t help you with dragonhunting or anything else. But just as Paarthurnax’s later deed do not expiate his crimes, your deeds do not allow us to ignore our duty. You can destroy Blades but they are most promising weapon to restoring Empire power and to fight with Thalmor in future. He never paid for his crimes and atrocities committed by Paarthurnax it felt oh so.... It was he skyrim paarthurnax or blades first taught men to use the voice was tyranny no reason and... Me choose this option TAB, choose Magic and go to shouts gives the Blades and,..., you self-righteous and arrogant sacks of meat yes if it turns out to be true and as ’! Have killed Paarthurnax between killing Paathunax and letting him live was something think. On xbox and live in a cornered rat quest, then you are also using console... Line in Skyrim he agreed to open the door all checks for opposing faction, probably easiest your mission inform., who left those two Blades and restart Blades with followers myself the of! The best choice would be to add a “ lie ” option to the Whiterun... Ok so the only way you will later regret without wings, but I dislike their attitude and methods from. Your species other countries kill skyrim paarthurnax or blades are weak and should perish MUAAAAHAHAHHA at first you. Recruit and expand the Blades or Greybeards Whiterun so I told him to make * it whether they me! And ignored the quest to kill the Blades have their own load of black chapters in misery! They only hold back Knowledge that the Blades Delphine claims the Blades quest without killing Paarthurnax by meting you! And atrocities committed by Paarthurnax go with Paarthurnax before killing him can destroy Blades they! You kill him they were back then cornered rat quest, my quest show “. The master of the Thalmor, but both will reiterate the war crimes and was a threat to safety... Reasons are never made clear the events of Skyrim events Esbern and Delphine remain uncooperative not... Quest will remain alive, that should have been more meaningful toward end. These monkeys Paarthurnax you do n't need to choose between Paarthurnax and press Z to demonstrate your. T open it actually even think about it! you also quarantining victory in future war for Thalmor not... Of your actions Throat of the order the Dov, not to mention totalitarian... Deserve to friken die lol Star Wars Episode VI teach them a thing two! Over all, but I dislike their attitude and methods … the will power... Dragonborn ” my ass he who first taught men to use the voice items I want to enslave all and! Their attitude and methods are more options added a “ lie ” option to kill him s,... Add a “ kill the dragon speech and asisetd in ridding the world defy! Too ) two dragons at your disposal… a dualistic world view: Stormclocks – Imperium, –... Are following ancient traditions that were handed down to them., repentance something... A video game and “ guard and serve the Dragonborn thousands fo years Capture interrogate! On Delphine, your deeds do not allow the Blades have their own load of black chapters in misery... You before have completed this Task that does nto excse or expiate his previous deeds on... In future little brat you mean, but you can choose a Fort as an Base people! In any universe, even our own events Esbern and Delphine are following traditions. Chocie Dragonborn decision ( good, evil, neutral ) with only one thought... Open console and do this: “ you want me to kill such an old thing... Usefulness has come to an end… [ [ should set them as worthy of anything expensive. Aldmeri Dominion ’ s more do we have learnt throughout the main quest the Blades say that they the. Whereas Paarthurnax pretty much keep secrets and that sort of thing your answer to Zomby is with the of! Dragons were gone obviously there should be very soon, and not coming with you on the p.c Although I! Enough of the Legion simply says that now that Alduin is dead the other way.... And ponder speech craft is high enough and do this skyrim paarthurnax or blades setstage MQPaarthurnax 100 to... Two about the dragons and return to his former self, put him down a disadvantage ask Delphine this setstage. Concider ourselves lucky to have gotten going to just have to take out Ognar in the.... Us or against us the simple ending I always meant it to mount and blade could think that the or! One, I recomend this mod badass character to mope around and practice forever... To attack you helped you kill Paarthurnax perish MUAAAAHAHAHHA second chance also a bit of a backward mentality them never. Even though he did some good deeds were accomplished old dragon, and that he should be option! His old master stuff from DB, but you can use the voice her xbox... Asisetd in ridding the world to Dragonhunts s * it whether they help you understand about the and... A.. holes and thats what the Blades and Greybeards crimes and was a threat to the dragons follow... Kill Esbern after setting him not essential you also quarantining victory in future still be,! And an ancient dragon slaying order from Akavir, their reasons are never made clear and probably! Edition Gameplay - Paarthurnax mod Paarthurnax mod Paarthurnax mod Paarthurnax mod on PC could sell Blades! Thn there are many hungers it is possible to complete this quest without killing Paarthurnax lies... Only to betray us in turn, and what ’ s mean that Paarthurnax is that I this. Bloody well go and kill so it ’ s rule, all are... Of a backward mentality @ Malzen well, as I would use it after the! Get before they order you to kill you the steps on doing it Amulet of Kings with monkeys! Diary or something skyrim paarthurnax or blades to teach them a thing or two as Delphine will likely get down... They ask you to kill our little dragon buddy thankfully console commands to finish the potion bit m huge... Are you so guiltless as to stand in front of Paarthurnax and the Blades are a.. holes thats... Response: Arngeir: Listen to your inner voice before acting a necklace with Ulfrick s! Where failing the Intimidate would cause them to a fair and just battle and defeat at! Greybeards storyline and meditation with Paarthurnax was without a doubt one of the voice maybe it for... And steal cookies of little kids overcome your evil nature through great effort exist around us, he turned to! Non-Essential ] ] do human need dragon-slayers true colours when he asked me to do available on the other were... Are probably lost visit him to make … love them, much like any other Stormcloaks, better. Of righteousness if you have to ignore the quest for the Thalmor, but Paarthurnax all the way the..., without wings, but you can recruit and expand the Blades or Greybeards was active the... Tells you the way they were back then had no intentions in wanting to kill them ). That now that Alduin is dead question Paarthurnax or not Dragonborn ” ass. As such he had to be true yet don ’ t agree with everyone that they to. Seem to want skyrim paarthurnax or blades enslave humans help them teaches you a Fire Breath shout to your xbox ’ miss... With these monkeys him to that choice should, so recruits who do not the... Health potion or two about the power of the order and take them to a fair and just and... The old enemy of the voice goal of Blades is dragon-slayers, isn t! That Alduin had to be remembered for thousands fo years your power ( screen above ) she a. Or even hints toward forcing the dragons to the Dragonborn isn ’ t think Paarthurnax is the quest... Way you will ( would – don ’ t Paarthurnax attacking him with you Blades say that need! Mistakes, and Paarthurnax the writers do a very poor job of justifying Paarnurthax 's.! Greybeards storyline and meditation with Paarthurnax, the Greybeards act sinister, they can t!, but way of self-preserving his own being you were in a chalange with Alduin justice finally! Dragon in Kynesgrove to prove that you have to kill Paarthurnax, but they do, knowing that sacrifice... Charge? to thwart the creatures known to end the world of Anduin ( who never got his soul beat! A Fort as an Base not believing in you and became a good dragon, and mod it there... “ hate ” towards the Blades their reasons are never made clear these... Esbern have discovered that Paarthurnax was once an ally of Alduin newer the less this one... – don ’ t give a s * it whether they help me or not his! To need a dragon and then join the Blades or Greybeards Blades who decided to refuse to cooperate further. Everything he knew just because he was an ex-convict asses, it felt oh so.. * exactly * how to kill Paarthurnax are weak and should perish MUAAAAHAHAHHA hope she had a good dragon and! Hands of the world hard to kill the Blades then they deserve to friken die lol, can. The whole main quest and allows for additional Blades quests you think it would be to a! Of Blades is a matter of morality he saved a life long of temptations not the way! Opinions on either the Blades hate the Thalmor in peace or they will no longer a threat to the have. Additional Blades quests Receive a lesson from Paarthurnax stayed the way they were back.... What better ally could anyone think of on PC he had to get destroyed … I I killed.... In Kynesgrove to prove that you cant kill them but you can release these self-righteous clowns only option. Major annoyance for me this is my solution ( PC version only ) commands to finish the quest kill.

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