Please read We require a $400 + PayPal fee deposit to reserve a puppy. Explore 16 listings for Bernese mountain dog puppies for sale at best prices. Bi-Colored Bernedoodles found in F1 litters where the mom is a Standard Poodle and also in F2 litters. Because the Bernedoodle is a hybrid, they are non-shedding and better for families with allergies. Yet the Bernese  has a deep need to please its family and has a sensitive nature. Many factors can affect the price tag. Five pups were born on Sunday 15th November and should be ready to join their for. I have one girl and one boy remaining. Mini bernedoodles can range anywhere from 15 pounds to 40 pounds depending on the dogs used for breeding. Such as coat type, disposition, size and most importantly the Sheepadoodle breeders experience. Payments. They are happy, goofy, smart, charming, curious, friendly, social, enthusiastic, cuddly, and loving. goldendoodle puppies for sale heath tested ,view parents licenced breeder a Bernese Mountain Dog. I would stress that temperament is far more important than colour and ALL bernedoodles are absolutely beautiful and make wonderful LARGE family companions. We specialize in stunning Tri-Color and both Sable & White & the beautiful Mahogany Sable & White Bernies with shades of chocolate and gold. The Bernedoodles (also spelled Bernadoodles or Berniedoodles) are an amazing combination of a mini Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. The puppies will be microchipped and vaccinated wit, My beautiful husky X GSD had a summer fling with my parents gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, and we’ve now been blessed with five healthy, gorgeous little puppies. F1 generation of Bernedoodles is made by crossbreeding a pure Bernese Mountain Dog and a pure Poodle of any size. For example, a Sheepadoodle with a red and white coat would be a little more than one with a black and white coat. We have 4 Bernedoodles available from the 11th March. For Miniature Bernedoodles, we artificially inseminate a medium Bernese mom with a small mini poodle. Bernedoodles are meant to be at your side no matter whether you are hiking, at the pub on a Sunday afternoon, or lying on the couch watching a movie. Available Bernedoodle Puppies from Best Bernedoodles Please fill out the form below if you are interested in an available puppy. £2100 OVNO, Bear (Boy) - RESERVED Bernedoodles may also inherit the Berner’s cautiousness with strangers and end up being a little skittish. They can be predisposed to certain health problems, including eye, skin, and digestive problems, as well as immune system diseases. Fathered by Prince, this liitle boy Bernedoodle puppy was born first. That means about 50/50 division of the traits from both breeds. A high number of Bernese are predisposed  hip and elbow dysplasia, or succumb to inherited cancer, heart disease, or epilepsy in middle age. f as breeders we  do our job well in selecting the right parents, crossing purebred dogs of different breeds will result in puppies that are healthier than either of their parents. Bernedoodle price depends on several factors, including the Bernedoodle size and even their color You will only ever speak to Sam or Becky through Curtabemdoodles. Also a Bernedoodle or Bernese Mountain Dog may be bred to an Australian Labradoodle to make Australian Bernedoodles, all of which can help set non shedding traits, extend expected lifespan, and produce more consistant sizes. bernedoodles are a low to no-shedd dog and each bernedoodle will be unique in color and personality. Ashton – Tri Colour Bernedoodle Puppy UK (click image to enlarge) Our Bernedoodle puppy Ashton now known as Bear lives across from Hampstead Heath in London, UK. We will will offer pick … We always hold the first 2 spots of each litter, so if those 'Pick of the litter' puppies are not being kept back by us they are offered to suitable families on our breeders choice list for £5,500 (plus VAT). UPDATED: Pets4Homes guidance and position on rehoming pets during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Read our Bernese Mountain Dog breed advice They love to play, run, and take walks with their families, and may inherit the Poodle’s love for retrieving and swimming. The McMenemy Family ( Traditional Tri Male/Female), The Donaldson Family ( Tri/Bi Female) Crate training, Jamillah Booty (Traditional Tri / female -Imprinting program 4 weeks), Jill Bryce (Tri /Bi  Male /Female)(imprinting -length of program to be arranged), Micheal Griffin (female/Traditional Tri) Imprinting 6 - 8 weeks, Jeremy Kenley ( tri / bi / female) (imprinting - length to be arranged), Oliver Jermany ( Traditional Tri / female ), Belinda Waitt ( tri / male) (imprinting  - length to be arranged), Karen Thornley (Tri / Bi / male/female) (imprinting), Sarah & Clive Smith ( Tri / Bi  female (boy)), Kim Rose (Traditional tri / Female) Imprinting, Catherine and Stephen (Tri (bi) Male) Imprinting, Suzi Powell (Traditional Tri  (Nma)) Imprinting. He will hopefully produce wonderful bernedoodle puppies over the years with both our Bernese girls. The Bernedoodle’s cost may vary between $3000-4000 because of their high demand, which means, they are relatively expensive than other dog breeds. If you’re looking for the perfect companion dog—a dog with beauty, brains and personality—you’ve come to the right place. Our Beautiful girls  Daenerys , Ellaria and Catelyn are all due to have F1 Bernedoodle puppies. of March 2020, Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles will no longer be offering air cargo shipping. Bernese Mountain Dog x Standard Poodle. Newly listed; Price (lowest - highest) Price (highest - … One of our litter of the much sought after Bernedoodles born in the United Kingdom. Dad has been imported from Poland so brings new bloodlines. Parents have been tested for DM 1& 2 Their overall appearance combines elements of the Bernese and the Poodle. New Breed Tri-Color Bernedoodles. The smaller poodles can be aggressive to people outside their families or to other dogs. A Well-bred Bernese is very similar to the next: sweet, loving, and gentle well-bred Poodle is also very similar to the next: playful, intelligent and goofy. Sable and White Bernedoodles We "DO NOT" breed mini or small Bernedoodles, The waiting list for Bernedoodle puppies is curently 2 years, These Puppies are from our Daenerys and Johnathan. They blend some of the best traits of each breed in an adorable, […] Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. It is often overlooked how goofy and fun poodles are. No two Bernedoodles are identical. Most Bernedoodles have a medium activity level. we feel we have done our job to offer quality puppies to the new bernedoodle owner. Breeders Choice' puppies may become available in a litter, when the rest of the puppies are all allocated to waiting families. They are very trainable and with work can excel in many ways. F1b's are none shedding & alergy free. Their low- to non-shedding coat makes poodles a great choice for those with allergies. The breed is fairly new, so there are only a few reputable Bernedoodle breeders. Our mini Bernedoodles typically end up being 18-35 pounds full grown. What’s more, most Bernedoodles are low- to non-shedding, and with the right coat type can be safe for most people with allergies. Si, We have a litter of well bred Bernese puppies born on Christmas Eve. Bred in the Swiss Alps as farm dogs that pulled carts or drove cattle to market, the Bernese love the cold weather, and have a double coat that sheds regularly. Large and lovable, all Bernedoodle puppies for sale today are a cross of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, which means they are not only smart, but charming, affectionate and ultra-friendly. "Often imitated, never duplicated". Swiss Bernedoodles! The striking markings of the Bernese Mountain dog play out beautifully with the wavy, curly hair of the poodle, giving it the "teddybear look" that is a deeply desired trait that we all adore . Stunning Bernese Mountain Dog Pups for Sale, all pups are vaccinated, microchipped, IKC registered and wormed. Some Poodles are highly strung and can be sensitive to stress. Please note we only breed LARGE/GIANT Bernedoodles. If you’re interested in a Bernedoodle or mini Bernedoodle pup available on this page, please submit a completed inquiry below. With a crisp, curly coat as protection against the elements, great swimming ability and off the chart intelligence, the Poodle was, and still is, a magnificent retriever. F3 Bernedoodle: F1b Bernedoodle crossed with an F1b Bernedoodle What is the price of your Bernedoodles? Their training requires patience, a light touch, and positive reinforcement. We are the only Curtabemdoodles so please be careful and Do your research. Bernedoodle prices in the United Kingdom In the UK, an average range for Bernedoodle prices seems to be around £3000 -£5000 depending on location and quality of the puppies, as well as all the factors mentioned earlier in the article. The Bernedoodle is a magnificent cross between an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog and an AKC Poodle, offering all the desirable traits of both breeds Bernedoodle puppies are attractive and affectionate, gentle and fun-loving. This is particularly sad when they are slow to mature, and can be challenging to train. As a designer breed, Bernedoodles combine traits from … to see images of this wonderful  breed please click the link below. They are placid, easy going and extreme loyalty. Their only job is to be your best friend. Deposits. Each Bernedoodle's appearance can vary because it is a crossbreed, meaning each litter has genetically different parents. Our Stud boy, Johnathan has been carefully selected and brought over from America to help us achieve the perfect Bernedoodle puppies. Welcome to SwissRidge Bernedoodles Welcome to the SwissRidge Kennels Bernedoodles site. Some breeders use miniature poodles, other toy poodles, to obtain the smaller body size. *The prices reflect “pet only” pricing and come with a … Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle. Overall, the Bernese Mountain dog is one of the shorter-lived dog breeds, with a life expectancy of just 6-8 years. Micro Bernedoodle Prices. Character Bernedoodles are extremely smart, loyal, and good in nature. We will host open days once month and Owners will be invited in order of deposit. If as breeders we  do our job well in selecting the right parents, crossing purebred dogs of different breeds will result in puppies that are healthier than either of their parents. 2 Black Females The breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany, where the word “pudelin” refers to splashing in water. Ready Wednesday, Tri sable girl f1 bernedoodle, parents hip and elbow scored eye and vwb clear, mum is standard poodle and dad is bernese mountain dog, Boy and girl available, due claws have been removed by our vet, vet checked x2,wormed. What impacts the cost of Bernedoodles? Mum to be of our reverse F1b Litters first one due 2021, Jamillah Booty (Traditional Tri / female -, imprinting -length of program to be arranged). When bred well, and well socialised, the Bernedoodle is an intelligent, social, fun, crossbreed with character and charisma. Like the Bernese, most are gentle around children and the vulnerable, and because they love to work, they often make excellent therapy dogs. This can hike up the cost of the puppy. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. They are an intelligent, strong dog that have moderate/high exercise requirements. Curtabemdoodles deposit are NOT refundable but are transferable for up to 2 years of receipt. We always hold the first 2 spots of each litter, so if they are not being kept or sold as breeders they are offered as premium pet picks for $6,000+. Purebreds may be the preferred choice for people who want predictability. HC Bernedoodles specializes in these special mini-bernedoodle puppies. Our first litter of tri bernedoodles is expected to be Winter 2019 with Our Daenerys. Proudly created with, - can often accommodate you  at short notice, - Advice on the best time to mate your girl. We are now excepting $1,000.00 Deposits on this litter. The Standard Poodle began its development as a retrieving water dog more than 400 years ago. Tri-color coated Bernedoodles are the most coveted and typically the most expensive. We are Skybears 4 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ star Council Licensed Breeders of Large Cross Breed Dogs. It is incredibly difficult to find healthy Bernese and Poodles with calm temperaments. Training a Bernese requires a great deal of patience and a gentle, positive approach. Most of them have little need for personal space. They can also be decidedly stubborn. The Bernedoodle is a beautiful cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Bernedoodle puppies are wonderful additions to families looking for a dog that loves fun and companionship. Take one of our low- to no-shed Bernedoodles into your home today! selective crossbreeding combines the traits and characteristics of its purebred parents; with careful, conscientious breeding, the resulting pups may end up with the best attributes of each. F1 Bernedoodles are usually  black, black-and-white, black-and-tan, or tri-colour (black, white and tan). The cost of our Bernedoodles range from between $3200 – $4000 depending on their coloration and size. $5000 to $6000 Rare colors are a passion at Cobblestone. © 2023 by Animal Clinic. Most people want the traditional tri colour. 2 males, 1 female remaining. Learn about Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale near Charlotte, NC. our sires and dams were sought out after their pedigree and temperaments from reputable breeders and owners. Bernedoodles can range in colors, with the most common combinations being either black, black and brown, black and white, or black, white, and brown. This dog breed should also fair well with other pets as long as socialized early and often. They determine the pricing for each puppy based on each puppies’ unique characteristics. Read breed information about the Bernedoodle. Standard Bernedoodles cross a BMD with the Standard Poodle. We do not currently have any plans for first generation, 50/50 cross Bernedoodles, as many do shed mildy to moderately. Notice! Miniature Bernedoodle is a mix between the Miniature Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. The cheapest offer starts at £60. 2 Black Males $3600 + Sales Tax Tri Colored $2800 + Sales Tax Bi Colored $1400 + Sales Tax Solid Colored. Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. Our waiting list is a rolling list and families will be offered a puppy in order. UKPets found 0 the following Bernedoodle For Sale in the UK. We will only ever ask for deposits payable into accounts ending, Please note that we are now VAT registered and that. Also, being open-minded with what colour you want will  help you get your Bernedoodle puppy sooner. Imagine the sweetness and loyalty of the Bernese, and the goofy liveliness and intelligence of the Poodle. With that, prospective new owners must understand that there can be a lot of variation in a cross breed litter, and that is why I help match our owners with the best dog for their circumstances. If our contracts are broken a £20,000 fine will be enforced by the courts. From an intelligence standpoint, the Poodle is known for its high trainability, making it a great pet in general. starting at $550.00 Please contact us with your details and location for a final quote. We have added Nameria a beautiful F1 Tri Bernedoodle from our Daenerys  to our program so we hope for tri  and Parti  f1b Bernedoodle, Our Bernedoodle puppy prices as of January 2021-, (prices are subject to change depending on the increase in price of Tax, health testing, food, vet bills etc..), Puppies born 2021 are priced at £4000 + vat, Breeders choice puppies born 2021 are £5500 + Vat. our Bernese Mountain Dog breed buying advice page first, or try Read more about this dog breed on our Bernedoodle breed information page. I believe the Bernedoodle is one of the most perfect companion dogs for those who love larger dogs. They are the clowns of the dog world, and have been used in circus acts for centuries due to this wonderful and fun loving character. Toggle navigation Call Us Finish Adoption. We will remove the advert once all three have joined their new families* Prices are higher for puppies that approach perfection in markings coat and color. SM. Occasionally found in an F2 Bernedoodle litter and 100% in a Swiss Bernedoodle litter. Moose (Girl) - RESERVED The genes from the parent breeds form in unique ways, and  I am very excited to see what each litter will produce. Bernedoodles. The Bernese are often used in activities such as agility, tracking, herding, and therapy work. Bernedoodles love interacting with children and have a touch of goofy in their personality. We are happy for prospective puppy owners to visit us and our dogs. The Miniature Bernedoodle combines two well-mannered and loving dog breeds. Poorly bred Bernese may be extremely stubborn and skittish. This is more apparent as puppies, and with training and maturity they tend to grow out of it. The father is Coco Registered poodle & mother is Zola an F1 / 50/50 Bernedoodle He is from wonderful fully health tested lines and was born in America. These mini Bernedoodles follow the same pricing scheme, but are additional because mini litters tend to have fewer pups. Welcome to Curtabemdoodles, UK premier breeder of top quality Goldendoodle puppies for sale and stud dog services. You can expect to pay between $2500 and $5000 for a Bernedoodle from a reputable, quality breeder. When it’s time to relax, Bernedoodles are usually happy to join you on the settee for a snuggle, much like the Goldendoodle. Beyond colour, well chosen parents tend to blend the traits of the Poodle and the Bernese in a fairly consistent way. Bernedoodles, as with with goldendoodle,  have what is referred to as “hybrid vigor,” and can be expected to live healthier, longer lives than their purebred parents. Call us anytime! Deposits for our breeders choice puppies are £300, Rowenna Lowden (Traditional Tri / female), Alyson Hodkinson (Traditional Tri / Female), Rebecca Bell (Traditional tri boy / girl), Siobhan Walsh/ Gabby few (Traditional tri - boy). This crossbreed is a blend  of  the clever goofiness of the poodle with the placid loyalty of the Bernese. Their parents are health tested with excellent hip and elbow scores. Help us by answering a short survey. This has led not only to health problems, but also temperament issues. A Bernedoodle price can go from $800 to $4,000 depending on these factors: Generation Type; Crossbreeds like Bernedoodles are divided by generation type. New litter available Our new litter of F1b Tri Color Mini Bernedoodle Puppies have arrived they will be ready for adoption by late January. Your puppy's health and safety is our biggest concern. From the Poodle they can inherit an extremely high level of energy. If your looking to adopt or buy A relatively new cross, Bernedoodles are rapidly becoming a huge favorite in trending designer crosses. $ Premium (first or second pick) pick pet puppies are often available in a litter, when none of the others are. The Poodle ranks high on the canine intelligence scale. If you are set in getting a Bernedoodle puppy, it may cost around £800 to over £2,000. Snoopy (Girl) - RESERVED Sheepadoodle price is set by each breeder. I have always loved the Bernese Mountain dog. Bernese have a much higher rate of fatal cancer than other breeds. or use our Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. I emphasise “well-bred.” Like so many purebreds, Bernese and Poodles have been highly inbred over the years. A properly bred Bernedoodle tends to be loyal and less active than some other doodle breeds. Proudly created with. Highfalutin Furry Babies (USA) Alicia and Lexie Marshall are the owners, and founders of Highfalutin … Depending on the breeder, there is a great size range in the mini-bernedoodles. On the whole, Bernedoodles tend to be quite similar to Goldendoodles in nature, with the most notable difference being that the Bernedoodle can be stubborn. Without proper socialisation, these naturally cautious and reserved dogs can become skittish and suspicious, and may develop separation anxiety. These smart, loyal Bernedoodle Puppies are waiting to fill your home with cuddles & kisses. That's what curtabemdoodles aims to produce with our Bernedoodle program.

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